Silk Sleep Masks

Sleep like a star.

Block out the world around you and settle in for a restful night’s sleep with this gentle sleep mask. The soft Mulberry silk is breathable and exceptionally soft on the delicate eye area.

Peaceful sleep and beautiful skin with StarSilk sleeping masks

We all know that half of the formula for health and beautiful appearance of the skin is a quality dream. But it is often challenging to achieve undisturbed and calming conditions. Beautiful StarSilk sleeping masks allow you to calmly immerse yourself in the world of dreams, while protecting the delicate skin around the eyes. They come in eight eye-catching colors. These are Twinkling White, Silver Stardust, Daydream Pink, Green Aurora, Midnight Blue, Black Moon, Golden Sunlight and Burgundy Sky.

Soft silk for face and hair

StarSilk masks are extremely soft and comfortable. They cling gently to the face without tightening. The filling is also silky, as is the ribbon from the mask, so the mask also protects your hair. Silk prevents damage to the hair and does not absorb its moisture, and after sleep you will be free of unwanted wrinkles and fractures on the hair. Made of the highest quality mulberry silk, these masks are very durable and long lasting.

Prevent wrinkles and creases on the skin

The area around the eyes is very delicate and requires special treatment. Make sure you get the nutrients you need overnight. StarSilk sleeping masks are made of 100% mulberry silk of the highest quality that is naturally hydrated and does not dry out the skin. This way, your carefully applied eye care will not be reflected on the pillow, but will stay on the skin and nourish it all night. Whether you want hydrated skin or have applied anti-aging products, let StarSilk silk Sleeping Mask be a valuable part of your beauty routine.

Unobstructed sleep during the trip

Beauty sleep is important wherever you are, so let the StarSilk sleeping mask be your faithful travel companion. A gentle touch of silk on your face will protect your skin from impurities, and the mask will give you the necessary exclusion from external stimuli. This way you will always arrive at your destination perfectly rested and fresh. Due to its elegant appearance, the mask is both effective and stylish. She becomes a fashion accessory on the go, and you will be chic even when you sleep. Take a look at the link on how to maintain StarSilk sleeping masks, so that you can enjoy the quality of silk for as long as possible.

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