he buyer is obliged to pay the product ordered by one of the following methods:

• Credit or debit card – direct Internet payment, by using the card payment service: Visa Electron, American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and Diners.

Residents of the Republic of Croatia can, besides credit or debit card payments, use one of the additional payment methods:

• Cash-on-delivery (on receipt) – the customer can pay in cash to the deliverer at the moment of delivery to their address. Payment can be made in cash exclusively, i.e. it is not possible to pay at point of delivery with a credit card.
• Bank Transfer – the information necessary to perform the payment will be e-mailed to the buyer, including the account number to which the buyer must pay the order amount. The buyer can perform the payment by using Internet banking, or by paying in bank branch office, post office, or FINA, etc.
After the payment is received, the products ordered will be mailed to the buyer, to the address specified in the order.

PSD2 compliance

Viva Wallet complies with all PSD2 transaction security protocols, so as any customers’ payments remain secure in whichever Checkout solution one might select.

Viva Wallet Smart Checkout, plugins and payment tools are fully PSD2-compliant, with 3DS being handled by the card issuers through SMS one-time passwords.

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