Go full glamazon with the StarSilk scrunchie. A gorgeous piece for all day wear or for keeping your hair at bay during your daily skincare routine. The fine, smooth texture of the 100% mulberry silk is gentle on your hair, creating less friction and hair breakage than ordinary hair ties.

Beautiful hair with StarSilk silk scrunchies

StarSilk silk scrunchies are an elegant and carefully crafted fashion accessory. The smooth texture of 100% mulberry silk is at the same time extremely soft and shiny, but also durable and long-lasting. They do not damage the hair, and when you take it off, the hair will be free of unwanted breaks or lines.

Choose your trendy color

Beautiful StarSilk scrunchies come in eight irresistible colors. These are Twinkling White, Silver Stardust, Daydream Pink, Green Aurora, Midnight Blue, Black Moon, Golden Sunlight and Burgundy Sky. Tones follow current trends and perfectly match various hair colors. Choose the right color and crown every fashion combination with refined decoration. Play around and combine several colors together for an even more effective impression.

Everything you look for in a scrunchie

Do you like freedom of movement and quick control of your hair? Do you enjoy making stylish hairstyles and experimenting with different styles? Or maybe you just want your hair protected during your daily skin care routine?

Silk scrunchies are the perfect choice because they keep your hair healthy. They create less friction and hair breakage than classic scrunchies, so you can wear them carefree all night long. Silk threads have a similar structure as hair, so scrunchies will not damage it. It will also prevent plucking or unnecessary hair loss.

The highest quality standards

StarSilk scrunchies are made of 100% mulberry silk, which is known as the finest and softest in the world. The quality certificate stands out 6 A class and global certificates OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and GOTS. It is a proof of excellent workmanship and guarantees exceptional fabrics quality and confirmation of safety for health.

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